Myths and Facts about Eyelash Extensions: Know before You Use

They look beautiful, but what if they damage your eyes?

 Yes, we all have heard such contradictions whenever we talk about eyelash extensions. They are undoubtedly beautiful, but are they really dangerous for your natural eyelashes?

Well, as per the experts of eyelash extensions in Birmingham, it is not true. There is hardly any chance to get damages on your original lashes because of these fake ones. Still, there are lots of myths and misconceptions regarding using eyelash extensions.

What is Eyelash Extension?

This is a cosmic makeup application applied for enhancing the length, thickness, fullness and curl of your natural eyelashes. They will be fixed on and with your natural lashes to give them a fuller, thicker and more voluminous look. You can receive black, thick and attractive eyelashes after this application.

These lashes are made of various materials, including human hair, horsehair, synthetic, mink and silk. The costliest ones are made of human hair, which looks more natural and lasts longer than other options.

Common Myths about Eyelash Extensions

Myth #1: Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes

This is probably the most common one you have heard about this makeup application, and as expected, it is not true. If you get the extensions from a decent place and under the supervision of a highly experienced lash stylist, you do not need to get worried about your natural lashes. They will never be harmed or damaged due to these extensions. On the contrary, your natural lashes will look more alluring and beautiful with the help of these extensions.

Myth #2: The Process is Painful and Uncomfortable

You must have heard how painful the process of eyelash extension application is. Is it really so uncomfortable? Not at all! In reality, some people can even take a nap while the lash stylist is working on their lashes. The matter of comfort depends on the skill of the professional you choose. It is a long process that takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to be finished correctly. That long hour might make you feel a bit restless, but the procedure is neither painful nor uncomfortable.

Myth #3: You Cannot Wash Your Eyes and Face after the Application

Many people think that with artificial lashes, it is difficult to use face wash or soap. They think that they cannot even use water to wash their eyes and face around the lashes. This is completely wrong. Lash experts always encourage their clients to keep the extensions clean. This will keep the lashes fresh and maintain hygiene. You can choose a lash-friendly face wash. Never rub your eyes too hard with soap or face wash to wash them.

When you visit an experienced and reliable eyelash extension expert, you can receive all this advice for free. They will give you an “aftercare routine” to keep the lashes beautiful for a longer period.

When you visit the website of Eyelash Extensions Near Me, you will get the name of the top places for this service. You should choose the one with the highest reputation to receive a trusted service.

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